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Nice to meet you….

The OCWA is the place to be if you are interested woodworking. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional woodworker, or someone who has no experience. It is just a place to be around like minded people who seek to learn more about woodworking. So, why join? What’s in it for me?

Here are some of the benefits of membership:

* Discounts at local Woodworking supply stores
* Free mentoring from experienced woodworkers
* Insider information on where to go for hard to find items
* A knowledge pool of resources and ideas
* Learn new techniques
* Have access to deals on used equipment
* Meet and make friends with some really nice people
* Be challenged to try new things
* Get valuable critiques on your work
* Accelerate your learning curve
* Family memberships to include family members for a very modest cost.
* Auctions, parties, deals, prizes, friends

The OCWA is a 501c3 Charitable Corporation.

Several members choose to participate in our charitable work. Some make wooden toys in their own shop and / or help assemble and finish toys at monthly Saturday Toy Work Parties. These toys will be delivered to disadvantaged children via charitable organizations throughout Orange County on the Friday after Thanksgiving. These toys will then be given to children for Christmas. Members also take home pen kits turn them on the lathe and return them at the next meeting. These pens are delivered to people in the military stationed all over the world. Many will do demonstrations at the Orange County Fair, at local schools, and woodworking supply stores to promote woodworking, and woodturning.

Be involved a lot; be involved a little; whatever fits your lifestyle. Being a member of the Orange County Woodworkers Association and its special interest group, the Orange County Woodturners is a lot of fun.

But as nice as it is, it won’t be the same without you.